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Silver3x2.com is a Silver Accumulation Program made EASY, AFFORDABLE and FUN!

Our members earn beautiful US Minted .999 fine Silver American Eagle Coins

Simply join our program and purchase our package of 5 "resellable" products for a one time payment of $20.

This will enter you into the small 3x2 matrix where you can not only earn Silver American Eagle Coins, you'll also receive unlimited banner advertising impressions on our network of sites..

3x2 Matrix

Once your small 3x2 matrix is filled with 12 members from your marketing efforts, your referral's marketing efforts, spillover from above, or through our company marketing campaign, you will earn two 1 oz .999 fine Silver American Eagle Coins.

You will then be given FREE re-entry back in to another 3x2 matrix where you can earn TWO MORE 1 oz .999 fine Silver American Eagle Coins and do it all over again... and again as often as you like!

There is NO LIMIT in the number of Silver American Eagle Coins you can earn!
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